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Dreadlocks Styles

January 13th, 2012


Dreadlocks StylesDreadlocks Styles

North Africa is the place where dreadlocks were first seen. And from that point till now, Dreadlocks styles were becoming very popular to many. It comes a long way and it moves from each culture to another as it jumps from place to place. Dreadlocks styles were inspired by major dominations like the Hinduism and the Hebrew and lots of other culture. It has become more popular to the ethnic civilization and other groups such as the Caucasians. Also, they are constantly the proud hair style of the people in African-American community.

Because of the latest trend in fashion for a range of dreadlocks styles, many are being hooked to find something for their unique appearance. They are even making way for the dreadlock styles to fit their normal course of everyday life. If you are getting bored of your old hair style and you want something different, then be free to know more about the dreadlocks styles. It will bring you a very distinctive fashion statement.

There are different dreadlocks styles to choose from that will be suitable for both men and women. The most common of them all is the African-American Dreadlock style.  For gentlemen, they have the option to keep their hair long or short. Or either way that they want like being tied up in some knot or wrapped. Actually the choices for them are unlimited. They can work for some of the ideas like the Jack Sparrow Dreadlocks. This is inspired by a pirate character Captain Jack Sparrow made popular by the actor, Johnny Depp. This is done by braiding the hair into a thin braid. The Beehive Dreadlocks or the Rastafarian hair tied with a bun is the hairstyle that will give a “retro” look.

Rasta Dreadlocks on the other hand will give a more sensible Rastafarian impression. The hair is being worn in a thin braid and the ends are not being tied up. The Gold dreadlocks styles which come in a two-toned thick hair design, color the hair with a golden hue. The two toned color of the hair involves the light brown in front and gold for the back portion. The Ponytail Dreadlock is another good idea. It is perfect for a professional getup. Another is the Lenny Kravitz dreadlocks. It has short and wiry dread that is being tied in a rubber band. The last but not the least is the spiky wiry dread or commonly known as the Jamie Foxx dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks Styles

Likewise, ladies are also given the same vast options to choose from. They can have the dreads long, medium, short or super short. Dreadlock style for women can be that of the Bantu Knots. This is done by twisting the dreads and transforming it into a small knot. The next is the Bjork Bun Dreadlocks. Some section of the hair is being tied in a bun. The Dreadlock Mohawk is also beautiful. This is a kind of dread which is tied in hawk styles. The other two dreadlocks styles are the dreadlock Twisted Bun and the Dreadlock Head Wraps.


Dreadlocks StylesDreadlocks Styles

Dreadlocks StylesDreadlocks Styles


Dreadlock Mohawk Styles

August 17th, 2012

Dreadlock Mohawk Styles

Dreadlock styles are becoming popular especially from teenagers, adults and celebrities. From one culture to another, they are now in high demand. Because of this demand, many are hooked on fashioning their dreads differently by having their own original look. The Dreadlock Mohawk is just one of the different dreadlock styles that can be achieved with a lot of length to your locs . Many people use different methods to form this hairstyle.  Dreadlock Mohawks provide a huge difference in your unique hairstyle. Being that the Mo-hawk was so diverse, originally from the “Punk Era” it is more common now but with locs it is an attention grabbing statement that some can pull off quite well.  Its name was derived on its sense of style, “Dread-Hawk or “Breads” when some  people would style it by having hair braided in cornrows or flat twists on the sides and wild dreads tightened at the top.

Dreadlock Mohawk Styles

Others rock the Dreadhawk rebel style by shaving the sides completely to leave longer locs in the middle to give that original Dread-Hawk style feel. Dread-hawk is the most popular term when referring to dreadlock Mohawk styles. This is done by tying up the dreads into the middle of your head with ties or rubber bands. Commonly, men use this style more often than women. But, it is suitable for both sexes.

Dreadlock Mohawk is not too hard to do. All you need is pin or rubber bands to tied dreads. If you have long dreads, it is a good thing because you can easily use your own locs to tie them in just few minutes.

Dreadlock Mohawk Styles


Use metal comb instead of plastic combs. Teeth of metal combs are effective and they don’t break on rough structure of dreads. Start making dreadlock Mohawk by using tiny rubber bands. Be careful when tying your hair up. Some people get damaged hair because of incautious tying. Keeping rubber bands for weeks will damage your hair. So, just use them for that 1 day to prevent possible damages or breakage. REMEMBER that this style is best done with Mature locs that are not as tender at the root. Make sure that you obtained the hawk style buy applying proper hair ties (if needed) depending on the style of Dread-Hawk your going for. Some do the style in 4 to 5 loc sections in the middle of the head to give them a wilder look, spunk and feel. After achieving your dreadlock Mohawk style, you need dread gels to maintain the beauty of your hair. Use the right gel for your hair and maintain it.

Dreadlock Mohawk Styles

Hot weather may add some stress in handling dreads but tying them up in a Hawk is a easier and more stylish way to avoid chopping them damn things off.  This dreadlock style doesn’t require high maintenance and can last longer than almost any other style. Check out some other cool dread styles and videos on this site below. More updates on how to maintain dreads, required products and “Starting Natural Hair Growth” are also available here so feel free to browse and leave a comment below. If you have a complete set of dread techniques and info you want to share let us know, we’d love to hear from you. Enjoy your Dreadlock MoHawk Style, love it and live it!

Dreadlocks Styles for White Women

June 20th, 2012

Dreadlocks Styles for White Women

Nowadays, many people are interested in having dreadlocks, due to the fact that they are unique and cool hairstyles. Many also prefer to have dreadlocks as their new style statement, although it is important to understand that growing dreadlocks is not that easy to do and it’s even more difficult to make yourself. Having enough knowledge about this hairstyle can be a lot of help to find the best dreadlocks styles for white women that will suit you well.

Dreadlocks Styles for White Women

If you are planning to grow dreadlocks, you may want to find out what dreadlocks styles for white women are available out there by looking at the various styles available on this site. Generally, people of color are usually the ones who wear dreadlocks so some styles may be limited based on the texture of the hair. No worries though, you’ve come to the right site where anyone can actually revel with these unique looks. These different looks also can also be done in various styles to suit every individuals personality. The most popular style of dreadlock is backcombing, which is the easiest style and allows the hair to appear like mature dreadlocks from the initial day that they are made. For this reason, the style will allow you to obtain your desired dreadlocks in the shortest period of time.

The backcombing style also allows you to have the formed dreadlocks immediately. With this style, you can have thin dreads or thick dreads, based on your own preferences, and have the opportunity to choose the shape and size of dreads that you really want. If you are having trouble making your own dreads, then you may also want to ask for some help from a skilled professional hairstylist/loctician at any dreadlock salon to do it for you. That way the process will be less of a hassle and will be done properly.

Dreadlocks Styles for White Women

In case you want to try a different style, try getting a perm which will produce the dreadlocks employing the chemical process. However, this is not a preferred choice by many people who want to have dreadlocks. This is due to the fact that the perm style needs lots of maintenance to keep it looking good and it does get expensive as well. Some are concerned about root damage so be sure to check on the different types of perms out there.  Most people go for the natural and normal way of having dreadlocks because it lasts for a longer time and will turn out looking the finest when the locs mature.

Another style to go for is twisting, which is extremely popular with people who wear dreadlocks. In this style, your hair will be divided into squares all over you head, using a comb in order to create snags on the ends. A thick wax is utilized to hold together the form of dreads as your hair is being twisted. Celebrities and models like shakira, Heidi clume and more have also worn the twisting style at events and looked amazing doing it.

Dreadlocks Styles for White WomenDreadlocks Styles for White Women

You also need to know that if you really want to have dreadlocks as your new hairstyle, then you have to learn that the growing and maturing process requires you to have lots of patience as well as dedication to your hair.  Yes ladies… Its a commitment! but you’ll do fine as long as you care for your locs with the proper shampoos and head wraps. It will usually take about three years for full grown dreads to mature.

In general, searching for the best dreadlocks styles for white women that will look good on you is not that hard as long as you know that you are comfortable with the style you have chosen and that you will not find it hard to maintain.

Flat Twist Dreadlocks Styles

May 2nd, 2012


Are you a fan of dreadlocks? Have you already considered locking your hair? Of course you have! There are many ways to style your locs and the possibilities are endless. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle which is also called locks, Rasta, or dreads. Dreadlocks are usually formed intentionally by not brushing or cutting the hair as it grows. When it tangles together and forms a twisted form, matted ropes of hair may develop. These matted ropes of hair are what you call dreadlocks. These are all tech terms that are not all true but in some cases, to complete this flat twist dreadlocks style you gotta have a few things in order and its always good to  BUY ORGANIC EVERYTHING!!!!… this will avoid breakage in your locs.


The very first recorded use of dreadlocks can be traced back to the earlier civilizations of East Africa and some parts of North Africa. Men in the regions of Tanzania and Kenya have had their hair in dreadlocks for as long as they have lived. Culturally, there are a number of reasons why people in specific areas in the world wear dreadlocks. Dreadlocks can mean deep adherence to spiritual or religious beliefs, or it can be a manifestation of ethnicity and pride, or at some point it may just be a preferred fashion style.

Dreadlocks are considered one of the most famous black hairstyles. When opting to have your hair in dreadlocks, you can choose from many styles. One of these styles is the flat twist dreadlocks.

Flat twist dreadlocks styles often work best with kinky hair. This style may also work with curly or straight hair but it may take more time  to form the locks if your hair is treated(Permed,Pressed,Damaged) than in a kinky hair. Also, kinky hair will hold the style and will require minimal care. Flat twist dreadlocks style is a good hairstyle if you are willing to sleep with a stocking cap, because it will last for several days.  This works also best in natural African-American hair.

If you wish to have a flat twist dreadlocks hairstyle, then here are the steps to follow.

  1. You need to wash your hair and make sure that it is free from tangles.
  2. Use a rat tail comb to divide your hair. There must be a long, thin row at the center of your head which runs from your forehead until the nape of your neck.
  3. Grab the hair in this row and then divide it in two equal parts. Place the left section over the right and pull slightly to keep the twist close to your head. Then, repeat this step always placing the left part over the right.
  4. As you go along, pick up additional hair strands so that you have enough hair to twist. Remember to always keep the sections even.
  5. Use a hair band to secure the ends of your hair. Use hair bands that would not cause your hair to break.
  6. Repart the hair parallel to the first row by making additional twists. Then, on the sides of your head, the twists will eventually curve.

There are some important considerations in doing the flat twist dreadlocks style. First, you must not twist your hair to tight or you may suffer hair loss. Second, you must use hair gel if you want to make your locks last longer. And third, if you don’t want the flat twist dreadlocks style to be permanent, then you have to take them down at least once a week.

Here’s a video below on how to complete the Flat Twist Dreadlocks Styles Below, Enjoy!


Curly Dreadlocks Styles

April 19th, 2012

Curly Dreadlocks Styles

The curly dreadlocks styles are very famous nowadays on everyone from celebs, men, women and even children all over the dreadlock society. This hairstyle makes a large difference when compared to other styles because it stands out and its appealing to the eye. Curly dreadlocks styles attract others to be open to the numerous styles you can achieve with your locs. “Curly dreadlocks styles are beautiful”, said by many reggae fans and other people in fashion that are fanatics of hair styling. This style of locs is also famous on some Hollywood stars because of their clean eclectic look. The hard curly dreadlocks styles can be seen women and men looking to spunk up their locs and add some flare to their unique hair.

Curly dreadlocks styles are the perfect hair style for hair accessories that originated in Africa and Egypt. They use gold and silver hair accessories to define their status in life whether they were rich or poor. There are numerous types of curly dreadlocks styles that can be seen nowadays. such as this simple one below:

Curly Dreadlocks Styles

The two types of curly dreadlocks styles are natural and manmade dreadlocks.

Natural Curly dreadlocks styles

Natural dreadlocks can be made by using 2 strands to be twisted as a start of the dreadlocks styling procedure.  You must also use a gel or wax to hold the hair in a twist place.  When twisting and starting your locs gel is usually preferred because wax tends to leave build-up and attract lint. After the first step you will now palm-roll the hair or back-comb then twist the strands and add clips to hold the dreads by using the procedure of palm rolling. This procedure will be the easiest if followed concretely. The result will depend on the procedure and on how often you care for your locs. Its always usual when people say that curly dreadlocks styles look very beautiful and easy to handle when styled to their desire. Unlike manmade dreadlocks, those are usually done by a simple twist that isn’t well parted and maintained by a loctician. There are numerous natural curly dreadlocks styles that can suit on your personality such as Tight coils, Loose curls,Wavy styles, Pried dreadlocks, Braids and Pony tails. These natural curly dreadlocks styles can be washed normally without experiencing a hassle. There are tutorials on how to do the process below.

Man-made dreadlocks

Man-made dreadlocks styles can be usually found on a person like a rasta who is true to the reggae culture and will never cut the locs or retwist. Most of the man-made dreadlocks styles can be created by using untreated or natural hair that will be joined together by their natural hair and a wax like NU-Nile locking wax. Or for straight hair it can be permed and then dried out, uncombed and loced which ends can eventually curl. There is a special hair paste (that I will list soon) which will be used to parent or combined each edge of the hair. This procedure is very crucial because of the reason that you must apply large attention to each strand. You must avoid the freshly locked hair from being pulled by kids or touched by other people. Sleep regiments and garments are usually head wraps and du-rags. The two types listed are naturally and unnaturally but both are for the individual in you.

Curly dreadlocks styles are very popular regardless if you’re wearing natural curly dreadlocks styles or man-made dreads. Curly dreadlocks styles need extra care in order to maintain the curl and tight-looking strands. So when showering or washing your locs, its best to put them in an updo style  or curl them right after a wash to keep the look fresh. Make sure you tie up your locs with a wrap then use a shower cap to maintain the strands. There are numerous dreadlock salons nowadays that are very knowledgeable in creating curly dreadlocks styles with amazing and friendly locticians. But just in case you want to save some cash, here’s a tutorial below to help you create your own curly dreadlock styles at home, Enjoy!


Dreadlocks Styles For Black Men

April 2nd, 2012

Dreadlocks Styles For Black Men

Black men hairstyle is different and varied as those of women’s. Definitely, their selections for styling this hair features cut of all styles and lengths. In finding the best style which is suitable for him, dreadlocks styles for black men can be considered for these provide different styles that reflect your lifestyle, career, personality as well as overall appearance. The dreadlocks styles for black men is appropriate for a person who has a very curly and thick hair by nature. In fact, it can be hard to keep and comb as well as requires everyday maintenance. A black men’s hair, if not properly kept, may become matted and tangled. Even more, a man usually doesn’t relax the hair compare to women. Thus, black men should find appropriate hair styles that not need much attention and always kept untangled and unmated. And this is by opting to dreadlocks style for black men.

Dreadlocks Styles For Black Men

Opting for a dreadlocks style for black men provide a customary appearance. This serves also as a classy alternative to the usual kind of hairstyles which provide the black men a kind of appeal aside from looking neat. Dreadlock style for black men is easy to maintain and provide a masculine appeal that also appropriate on whatever attire you would like to wear. Dreadlocks style is also an excellent option in keeping your charisma intact. Nowadays, in order to meet the demand of the public in regards to the hairstyle, more number of salons and other hairstylist expert are making different dreadlocks styles for black men. This was undergone by a well-trained, experienced and professional hairstylist in order to fulfill customer satisfaction as well as expectation for those who are frustrated in enhancing their appearance and characteristics as a whole.

The word Dreadlocks are really known as locks, a ras, dreads or Jata in Hindi, which means matted, coils a long hair. Europeans called them “dreads” because they said it was “dreadful look” which was clearly false and adopted as a symbol of rebellion. This kind of hairstyle is now commonly formed intentionally, because of the selection of the different hair textures, several methods are utilize to encourage the construction of locks like backcombing. This image is a commitment that has resulted in pride for black men, women and all races and ethnicities. Once the hair is not cut or brushed, it will link together as it grows, and eventually it results in twisting of your hair, matted ropes of the hair called dreadlocks that are seen on black men today. Dreadlock styles for black men is also associated closely to the Rastafari movement, but most people from different ethnic groups in history before already wore dreadlocks, including ancient Indo-Aryan and Arabic countries and Egypt. Dreadlocks styles are also utilizes by different groups all over the world.

Dreadlocks styles for  men also vary in different cultures; dreadlocks also express spiritual convictions and deep religious belief, a political statement or even manifestation of different ethnic pride. Nowadays dreadlocks style simplifies a fashion preference that are usually seen for both men and women to enhance their fashion statement as well as their characteristics.

Dreadlocks Styles For Black MenDreadlocks Styles For Black Men

At the present time dreadlocks styles for black men is the supreme well-known hairstyle. Even Hollywood artists such as , Lenny Kravitz, Jamie Foxx, Jason Mamoa(samoan),Lil Wayne utilize this kind of hairstyle as reflection to their characters. Dreadlocks styles for black men,and  all men and women are attractive and an eye-catching kind of hairstyle.

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