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Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles

January 30th, 2012

Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles

Barrel twist dreadlocks styles are among the latest trends of dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are now the common fashion statement among children, young adults, performers and even professionals who want to make an impact or want to become unique. Read on to determine how barrel twist dreadlock styles work.

Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles

Primarily, dreadlocks are loop of hair that are permitted to form naturally or formed with the help of certain hair care products. Moreover, these loops of hair are made up of the matted hair that looks similar to the ropes. A good example of this hairstyle is the Barrel twist dreadlocks styles, which can be traced way back on the ancient Egyptians. Moreover, these styles are most commonly linked to Rastafarian movement in 1930s and also connected as part of the Rastas spiritual journey. Presently, dreadlocks like Barrel twist dreadlocks styles are now accepted in the world of hair fashion.

Just like Barrel twist dreadlocks styles, spiky and short dreadlocks are classy. In order to achieve this dreadlock style, be sure that you have short dreadlocks only. Be sure to apply a certain dreadlock wax to your hair. This spike locks that is on your head can create a funky and fun style.

Wearing it down is another type of dreadlocks, and just like the Barrel twist dreadlocks styles, growing your dreadlocks take some time, so you need to be patient as well to reach your goal. In case you want to show your hair, be sure that the front will not hang on your face, it can be avoided by wearing a headband is a great solution. When choosing a headband for your barrel twist dreadlocks be sure to wear the one that is made of a fabric because as it stretches, it also allows you to find the ideal fit into the locks. As alternative for the headband if you don’t have any is to use a bandanna. You can also add some accessories for your dreadlocks to make them look more appealing and interesting. Beads are some of the commonly used accessories for dreadlocks like Barrel twist dreadlocks styles. You can also opt for using a colored yarn that can be wrapped on your dreadlocks.

In the event that you are going to an event or a formal occasion, Barrel twist dreadlocks styles can also be modified to achieve a more formal look. If you wanted your hair to be off your shoulders, it is ideal to make your barrel twist dreadlock as a bun. Be sure to pull all hair into your head. Moreover, the locks could be twisted every to form a knot, so that they can grip together in one place. One method is to loosely pull the hair back to the nape of your neck. Again, you need to twist it and knot it to give you more chance to make a bun.

Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles

Barrel twist dreadlocks styles is easy as long as you know the step by step techniques. To achieve this style of dread locking it is best to go to the nearest salon to get some effective tips on how to do it and how you can maintain it or simply watch this Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles tutorial below, enjoy!


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  • Sharon Brewer says on: August 8, 2013 at 3:11 pm


    Thanks for the peddle hair style I will try it my locks are long past half way my back and I see this as easy and fun. If you have other styles please email me, I am 53 years young and have dyed my hair and love having fun with new styles. My sure you email me so I can send you a picture of my before and after. Thanks again.

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