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Fishtail Dreadlocks Styles

January 30th, 2012

Fishtail Dreadlocks Styles 

Fishtail dreadlocks styles is one of the most impressive forms of dreadlock as they can provide an attractive and striking look to the person wearing it. Fishtail dreadlocks styles is also very stylish and trendy.

Fishtail Dreadlocks Styles

Dreadlocks are admired among the reggae musicians, younger crowd as well as other professional athletes. Fishtail dreadlocks styles is just one of the various forms of dreadlocks. In case you wanted to be unique and stand out in the crowd, you must choose this hairstyle. However, keep in mind that dreadlocks are not easy to do alone, so it is ideal to get the help of your friend or two especially if you have a very long hair.

In order to make proper dreadlocks like the fishtail dreadlocks style, you will need to have at least 3-inch of hair for you to start dread locking. In case your hair is presently short, you need to wait for a while for your hair to grow to the needed length.

Before you start your dread locking like fishtail dreadlocks styles, it is very important that your hair is clean and dry. In spite of the gossip that it can be just obtained if you have a dirty or greasy hair, it is not a true at all hence it cannot help to the process. Keep in mind that your hair must be free from tangles and knots. It should be smooth for you to be successful in your fishtail dreadlocks styles.

When you are about to start your fishtail dreadlocks styles, the hair must be divided into numerous sections. You should start with the base of your hair and do it forward. The hair’s larger section must also be larger dreadlocks too. In general, dreads may range in size from half inch to one inch. The thicker dreadlocks are simpler to maintain as time passes by because they can be more compact. Put a rubber band on every section to maintain the separation of the dreadlocks.

Choose a portion of the hair to backcomb or tease. Before starting, take off the rubber band from this section. Start at the root and start to work way down. Perform this numerous times for you to make sure that the knot is tight and good. Once the area appears like dreadlock, be sure to shift to other section to make your fishtail dreadlocks styles.

After finishing the step for every section, you need to have full dreadlocks on your head. Then make sure to play and twist with your dreads for you to make them settled and become more compact. You can also experiment on various types of dreadlocks like the fishtail dreadlocks styles.

If you don’t want to try this alone, it will be best to consult a loctician that you know who is expert in fishtail dreadlocks styles. There are also a lot of videos like the one below that can teach you how you can make a perfect fishtail dreadlocks style and other forms too.

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