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Curly Dreadlocks Styles

April 19th, 2012

Curly Dreadlocks Styles

The curly dreadlocks styles are very famous nowadays on everyone from celebs, men, women and even children all over the dreadlock society. This hairstyle makes a large difference when compared to other styles because it stands out and its appealing to the eye. Curly dreadlocks styles attract others to be open to the numerous styles you can achieve with your locs. “Curly dreadlocks styles are beautiful”, said by many reggae fans and other people in fashion that are fanatics of hair styling. This style of locs is also famous on some Hollywood stars because of their clean eclectic look. The hard curly dreadlocks styles can be seen women and men looking to spunk up their locs and add some flare to their unique hair.

Curly dreadlocks styles are the perfect hair style for hair accessories that originated in Africa and Egypt. They use gold and silver hair accessories to define their status in life whether they were rich or poor. There are numerous types of curly dreadlocks styles that can be seen nowadays. such as this simple one below:

Curly Dreadlocks Styles

The two types of curly dreadlocks styles are natural and manmade dreadlocks.

Natural Curly dreadlocks styles

Natural dreadlocks can be made by using 2 strands to be twisted as a start of the dreadlocks styling procedure.  You must also use a gel or wax to hold the hair in a twist place.  When twisting and starting your locs gel is usually preferred because wax tends to leave build-up and attract lint. After the first step you will now palm-roll the hair or back-comb then twist the strands and add clips to hold the dreads by using the procedure of palm rolling. This procedure will be the easiest if followed concretely. The result will depend on the procedure and on how often you care for your locs. Its always usual when people say that curly dreadlocks styles look very beautiful and easy to handle when styled to their desire. Unlike manmade dreadlocks, those are usually done by a simple twist that isn’t well parted and maintained by a loctician. There are numerous natural curly dreadlocks styles that can suit on your personality such as Tight coils, Loose curls,Wavy styles, Pried dreadlocks, Braids and Pony tails. These natural curly dreadlocks styles can be washed normally without experiencing a hassle. There are tutorials on how to do the process below.

Man-made dreadlocks

Man-made dreadlocks styles can be usually found on a person like a rasta who is true to the reggae culture and will never cut the locs or retwist. Most of the man-made dreadlocks styles can be created by using untreated or natural hair that will be joined together by their natural hair and a wax like NU-Nile locking wax. Or for straight hair it can be permed and then dried out, uncombed and loced which ends can eventually curl. There is a special hair paste (that I will list soon) which will be used to parent or combined each edge of the hair. This procedure is very crucial because of the reason that you must apply large attention to each strand. You must avoid the freshly locked hair from being pulled by kids or touched by other people. Sleep regiments and garments are usually head wraps and du-rags. The two types listed are naturally and unnaturally but both are for the individual in you.

Curly dreadlocks styles are very popular regardless if you’re wearing natural curly dreadlocks styles or man-made dreads. Curly dreadlocks styles need extra care in order to maintain the curl and tight-looking strands. So when showering or washing your locs, its best to put them in an updo style  or curl them right after a wash to keep the look fresh. Make sure you tie up your locs with a wrap then use a shower cap to maintain the strands. There are numerous dreadlock salons nowadays that are very knowledgeable in creating curly dreadlocks styles with amazing and friendly locticians. But just in case you want to save some cash, here’s a tutorial below to help you create your own curly dreadlock styles at home, Enjoy!


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