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Flat Twist Dreadlocks Styles

May 2nd, 2012


Are you a fan of dreadlocks? Have you already considered locking your hair? Of course you have! There are many ways to style your locs and the possibilities are endless. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle which is also called locks, Rasta, or dreads. Dreadlocks are usually formed intentionally by not brushing or cutting the hair as it grows. When it tangles together and forms a twisted form, matted ropes of hair may develop. These matted ropes of hair are what you call dreadlocks. These are all tech terms that are not all true but in some cases, to complete this flat twist dreadlocks style you gotta have a few things in order and its always good to  BUY ORGANIC EVERYTHING!!!!… this will avoid breakage in your locs.


The very first recorded use of dreadlocks can be traced back to the earlier civilizations of East Africa and some parts of North Africa. Men in the regions of Tanzania and Kenya have had their hair in dreadlocks for as long as they have lived. Culturally, there are a number of reasons why people in specific areas in the world wear dreadlocks. Dreadlocks can mean deep adherence to spiritual or religious beliefs, or it can be a manifestation of ethnicity and pride, or at some point it may just be a preferred fashion style.

Dreadlocks are considered one of the most famous black hairstyles. When opting to have your hair in dreadlocks, you can choose from many styles. One of these styles is the flat twist dreadlocks.

Flat twist dreadlocks styles often work best with kinky hair. This style may also work with curly or straight hair but it may take more time  to form the locks if your hair is treated(Permed,Pressed,Damaged) than in a kinky hair. Also, kinky hair will hold the style and will require minimal care. Flat twist dreadlocks style is a good hairstyle if you are willing to sleep with a stocking cap, because it will last for several days.  This works also best in natural African-American hair.

If you wish to have a flat twist dreadlocks hairstyle, then here are the steps to follow.

  1. You need to wash your hair and make sure that it is free from tangles.
  2. Use a rat tail comb to divide your hair. There must be a long, thin row at the center of your head which runs from your forehead until the nape of your neck.
  3. Grab the hair in this row and then divide it in two equal parts. Place the left section over the right and pull slightly to keep the twist close to your head. Then, repeat this step always placing the left part over the right.
  4. As you go along, pick up additional hair strands so that you have enough hair to twist. Remember to always keep the sections even.
  5. Use a hair band to secure the ends of your hair. Use hair bands that would not cause your hair to break.
  6. Repart the hair parallel to the first row by making additional twists. Then, on the sides of your head, the twists will eventually curve.

There are some important considerations in doing the flat twist dreadlocks style. First, you must not twist your hair to tight or you may suffer hair loss. Second, you must use hair gel if you want to make your locks last longer. And third, if you don’t want the flat twist dreadlocks style to be permanent, then you have to take them down at least once a week.

Here’s a video below on how to complete the Flat Twist Dreadlocks Styles Below, Enjoy!


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