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Basket Weave Dreadlocks Style

March 9th, 2012

Basket Weave Dreadlocks Style

Basket weave dreadlocks style has originated in Africa. Because of its uniqueness, it became as one of the most famous hairstyles. It is braid and fancy hairstyle that dresses up the hair. Whatever type of hair you have, you can definitely have this kind of hairstyle.

Basket Weave Dreadlocks Style

This kind of hairstyle is may not be as glamorous as it is, but the number of people who have the basket weave dreadlocks styles continue to increase. This is mainly because of the uniqueness that you may find with it, and how you can dress it up and make the style casual or professional. This kind of hairstyle is also very capturing to the eyes of people because not all people (outside of your house) rarely see this kind of hairstyle. The basket weave dreadlocks style is very common to women who are committed in sports like boxing, tennis, basketball, tennis and more. They usually have this kind of style to avoid the hair as a distraction in their games. Having basket weave style all of your hair will be tied at the back making it neater to look at and will not be messy even when you do massive actions. That’s why women who are in sports choose this kind of hairstyle for this reason.

And if you think that only women can have the basket weave dreadlocks style, you’re probably wrong. Because it is very obvious that also men also use basket weave dreadlocks style as their own personal hairstyle. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of personalities or celebrities who have this kind of hairstyle like Rapper Wale seen below. Settings for example are hip hop rappers, Waka Flacka, Ace Hood, Lil John and other artist. The basket weave dreadlocks style is usually what they will have for an event or a show. This can be also their way to express their fashion; their fashion statement will really be more effective and more appealing if they have the basket weave dreadlocks style. Mentioning fashion, basket weave dreadlocks style is also become part of the hairstyle that the high fashion hair stylist made for their models. This can be very possible because somehow basket weave dreadlocks style can give you a sleek and elegant look as well, with the proper dress and make up. So with this you don’t need the best haircut and hair treatment just to have the elegant look. You can even try dye with looks like this below.

Basket Weave Dreadlocks Style

But the process of basket weave dreadlocks style may be very hard for some, especially for those who will just try this for the first time. It requires proper technique to achieve a beautiful basket weave dreadlock style. But there are videos on how to achieve this process and where you can be able to see how basket weave dreadlock styles can be done properly like the one we’ve listed below. So worry no more, you can also ask the help of your friends who has the skills and or knowledge in basket weave dreadlock styles. And with that, you are ready to master on how to make a basket weave dreadlock style then you can be able to have fun with. The good thing about basket weave dreadlock styles is that you don’t need special hairstyling equipment’s to have this kind of hairstyle.

Basket Weave Dreadlocks Style

So for those who want to try new things in their hair, who are excited to try new hairstyles, basket weave style can be your option. With this you can be able to have the new look that is just that simple. You never know, Basket weave dreadlocks style may be the perfect hairstyle for you.

Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles

February 7th, 2012

Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles

Dreadlocks are not anymore a unique hairstyle. Basically, it is worn mostly in Caribbean for religious and fashion purposes. At present, it is now one of the common types of hairstyle in the fashion industry. There are several types of dreadlocks, sister-lock dreadlocks styles are more on feminine side of this hairstyle or version of Rastafari worn by male. Dr. Joanne Cornwell is the one who invented sister-lock dreadlock style or micro dreadlocks. Since its development, sister-lock dreadlocks styles have now become one of the common hairstyles used by celebrities and people.

Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles

Free flowing is the simplest of all sister- lock dreadlocks. Just apply it with water spritz or preferred tea tree or olive and then shake your head. You may need an added head band too. These sister-lock dreadlocks styles only require less maintenance as compare to other that will need a weekly wash or every month root twist.

Up-dos sister-lock dreadlocks styles are ideal for special events like wedding or dinner party. These sister-lock dreadlocks styles can be bit challenging in the event that you wanted to try it. Before you do it, be sure to prepare enough amounts of hair binders or bobby pins for your preferred style. In case your dreadlocks are long, you can arrange it to a traditional French roll with or without a side bang or front. If you want to look unique try to add small amount of cowry shell beads and pin-curls or decorative items like flowers. However, if you want exotic sister-lock dreadlocks styles, be sure to go to a hair salon and ask for help or tips on how you can do it yourself.

Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles

Twist Out is another sister-lock dreadlocks styles which is known to add a natural bounce and wave to the locks. In the event that you assemble two dreadlocks at the same time, twist them until your head is packed with twisted dreadlocks. To add more body, add more dreadlocks, so that you can create another impressive and attractive hairstyle.

Another sister-lock dreadlocks styles you should try is the buns and pin curls. These are great because they are very simple to maintain. Pin curls are best for younger people such as children as well as younger adults. Buns are already a classic hairstyle but in these sister-lock dreadlocks styles they can create a more enhanced look and can be added with flowers, beads and other fashionable item, which also enhance the entire look. Children will surely love these sister-lock dreadlocks styles, because it can provide them with the great look and attractiveness.

Finally, for you to obtain the best results of sister-lock dreadlocks styles, be sure to avoid using flat irons and curling as they can cause a permanent straightening to the natural hair. If you want to maintain it try to use plastic curling rods or foam to provide added curl or a silk or satin bonnet to protect your hair from breaking out while you are sleeping. Sister-lock dreadlocks styles are undeniably best to provide your curly hair a nice look.

Short Dreadlocks Styles

February 6th, 2012


Are you trying to find a new hairstyle? Do you want to try something new? Then, having short dreadlocks styles can be one of your options. Anyone, even with different hair types, can have dreadlocks. Although, dreadlocks work best on the natural African-American hair.

Short Dreadlocks styles

If you ever decided to have your hair in dreadlocks, then, this article is a very good source of information on different photos and steps on how to do your short dreadlocks.

If you have shorter dreadlocks, these are quite challenging to style. Styling a shorter dreadlock is challenging since it is difficult to grab and grasp the hair. The advantage of having short dreadlocks, though, is its ability to dry fast. It would not take you too long to blow dry your hair. Another advantage is that the curls tend to last longer with short dreadlocks. With short locs you always have the option that “If they aren’t for me I could always comb these twist out” which is a benefit for wearing short dreadlocks styles to bring your hair out and provide healthier roots.

Although dreadlocks usually consist of long locks of hair coiled together, short dreadlocks could be just as striking as long ones that reach down the back and still allow you to create a variety of styles. Here are some of the short dreadlocks styles.

Bantu knots are good styles for short dreadlocks. This can be done by taking about four or five dreadlocks and twisting them together. Then, you fold the dreadlocks down like folding them into a downward loop. Then, you can coil the end of the dreaded loops and finally tuck the ends of the hair down into a knot.

You can also style your short dreadlocks away from the face. Short dreadlocks naturally frame the face. To do this style, you have to pull back the dreads that rest on the part of your hairline that borders your forehead. Then, you put a pin to secure your hair or you can wrap it with a cloth or wear a head band to keep your dreads away from your face.

You can also style your short dreadlocks in low twists. Low twists are suitable for short dreadlocks that are longer than chin length but shorter than shoulder length. This hairstyle is suitable for formal occasions or work environments.  To do this, you have to gather the dreadlocks on one side of your head, and then twist them inwards moving downwards to the outline of your hair. Use pins or clips to keep it safe. Repeat with the other side. You can clip them together once you have completed the twists if your hair is long enough.

Short dreadlocks styles are great for the longterm of shortterm of your loc journey so remember to grow healthy in the beginning because that is the most important part when starting short dreadlocks styles and always buy organic. Read the labels so you know what your putting in your hair.


Fishtail Dreadlocks Styles

January 30th, 2012

Fishtail Dreadlocks Styles 

Fishtail dreadlocks styles is one of the most impressive forms of dreadlock as they can provide an attractive and striking look to the person wearing it. Fishtail dreadlocks styles is also very stylish and trendy.

Fishtail Dreadlocks Styles

Dreadlocks are admired among the reggae musicians, younger crowd as well as other professional athletes. Fishtail dreadlocks styles is just one of the various forms of dreadlocks. In case you wanted to be unique and stand out in the crowd, you must choose this hairstyle. However, keep in mind that dreadlocks are not easy to do alone, so it is ideal to get the help of your friend or two especially if you have a very long hair.

In order to make proper dreadlocks like the fishtail dreadlocks style, you will need to have at least 3-inch of hair for you to start dread locking. In case your hair is presently short, you need to wait for a while for your hair to grow to the needed length.

Before you start your dread locking like fishtail dreadlocks styles, it is very important that your hair is clean and dry. In spite of the gossip that it can be just obtained if you have a dirty or greasy hair, it is not a true at all hence it cannot help to the process. Keep in mind that your hair must be free from tangles and knots. It should be smooth for you to be successful in your fishtail dreadlocks styles.

When you are about to start your fishtail dreadlocks styles, the hair must be divided into numerous sections. You should start with the base of your hair and do it forward. The hair’s larger section must also be larger dreadlocks too. In general, dreads may range in size from half inch to one inch. The thicker dreadlocks are simpler to maintain as time passes by because they can be more compact. Put a rubber band on every section to maintain the separation of the dreadlocks.

Choose a portion of the hair to backcomb or tease. Before starting, take off the rubber band from this section. Start at the root and start to work way down. Perform this numerous times for you to make sure that the knot is tight and good. Once the area appears like dreadlock, be sure to shift to other section to make your fishtail dreadlocks styles.

After finishing the step for every section, you need to have full dreadlocks on your head. Then make sure to play and twist with your dreads for you to make them settled and become more compact. You can also experiment on various types of dreadlocks like the fishtail dreadlocks styles.

If you don’t want to try this alone, it will be best to consult a loctician that you know who is expert in fishtail dreadlocks styles. There are also a lot of videos like the one below that can teach you how you can make a perfect fishtail dreadlocks style and other forms too.

Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles

January 30th, 2012

Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles

Barrel twist dreadlocks styles are among the latest trends of dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are now the common fashion statement among children, young adults, performers and even professionals who want to make an impact or want to become unique. Read on to determine how barrel twist dreadlock styles work.

Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles

Primarily, dreadlocks are loop of hair that are permitted to form naturally or formed with the help of certain hair care products. Moreover, these loops of hair are made up of the matted hair that looks similar to the ropes. A good example of this hairstyle is the Barrel twist dreadlocks styles, which can be traced way back on the ancient Egyptians. Moreover, these styles are most commonly linked to Rastafarian movement in 1930s and also connected as part of the Rastas spiritual journey. Presently, dreadlocks like Barrel twist dreadlocks styles are now accepted in the world of hair fashion.

Just like Barrel twist dreadlocks styles, spiky and short dreadlocks are classy. In order to achieve this dreadlock style, be sure that you have short dreadlocks only. Be sure to apply a certain dreadlock wax to your hair. This spike locks that is on your head can create a funky and fun style.

Wearing it down is another type of dreadlocks, and just like the Barrel twist dreadlocks styles, growing your dreadlocks take some time, so you need to be patient as well to reach your goal. In case you want to show your hair, be sure that the front will not hang on your face, it can be avoided by wearing a headband is a great solution. When choosing a headband for your barrel twist dreadlocks be sure to wear the one that is made of a fabric because as it stretches, it also allows you to find the ideal fit into the locks. As alternative for the headband if you don’t have any is to use a bandanna. You can also add some accessories for your dreadlocks to make them look more appealing and interesting. Beads are some of the commonly used accessories for dreadlocks like Barrel twist dreadlocks styles. You can also opt for using a colored yarn that can be wrapped on your dreadlocks.

In the event that you are going to an event or a formal occasion, Barrel twist dreadlocks styles can also be modified to achieve a more formal look. If you wanted your hair to be off your shoulders, it is ideal to make your barrel twist dreadlock as a bun. Be sure to pull all hair into your head. Moreover, the locks could be twisted every to form a knot, so that they can grip together in one place. One method is to loosely pull the hair back to the nape of your neck. Again, you need to twist it and knot it to give you more chance to make a bun.

Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles

Barrel twist dreadlocks styles is easy as long as you know the step by step techniques. To achieve this style of dread locking it is best to go to the nearest salon to get some effective tips on how to do it and how you can maintain it or simply watch this Barrel Twist Dreadlocks Styles tutorial below, enjoy!

Dreadlocks Updo Styles (Accessorizing)

January 30th, 2012

Dreadlocks Updo Styles

Do you want to give your Locs a new look? Well, being that it is getting a little warmer this is definitely the best time for you to try some dreadlocks updo styles!

Dreadlocks Updo Styles

Dreadlocks are preferred by many people these days, and this is simply because they are cool,unique and a flat out commitment to a significant hairstyle. If you yourself have dreadlocks, one of your main concerns is the way you will be wearing them every single day. But in reality, there is really no need for you to worry because the possibilities of doing something clever with your dreadlocks are endless, with your imagination being the sole limit. It only goes to say there are limitless choices of dreadlocks updo styles that you can try, and the best thing is that you can even invent some of your very own.

The Dreadlocks updo styles are performed by dividing the hair into sections. tying up the side strands of your hair, and bringing them together. Then bringing the back of your strands to the front and tying them together to create a basic updo. More is explained on the videos below.

But to help you out with your dreadlocks updo styles, here are some tips that you need to bear in mind. First of which is, you need to let out your creative spark. So that means accessorizing and creating something to your own liking. You might want to look through your drawers, jewelry boxes and trunks or check out the nearest thrift store in your area. What can be your mission here? Well, you will want to find numerous things that might potentially help make your dreadlocks  pop! This will make them look sexier,sleek,classic and original so you’ll stand out from the crowd. You don’t just put anything on or in your hair, you need to do it tastefully. Some of the things that you might want to search for in order to have great dreadlocks updo styles include:

  • Stretchy and elastic materials in all sizes and shapes
  • Long fabric strips
  • Dress sashes and scarves
  • Dreadbands
  • Coils, charms and pendants
  • Ribbon, barrettes, feathers, twigs, grasses, sea shells
  • Beads
  • Other things that you think will look cool and work on the dreadlocks updo styles you are thinking of

After finishing your scavenger hunt, the next thing that you should think about is how you will come up with your dreadlocks updo styles. However, before starting, remember that even if you have hoarded numerous things that you can use for your adoring dreads, the rule “less is more” still applies. You certainly would not want to look as if a garage sale is on your head right?

Actually, there are various dreadlocks updo styles that you can choose from such as the French-braids, Uber bun, lock-hawk, natty twist, knot roll, dread bunches, bjork buns, just to name a few. The only thing that you have to do is to ensure that you will go for a specific style that best suits your personal taste and character so that your dreadlock style will be more effective and suitable for you.

Dreadlocks Updo Styles

If you want to learn more of the latest and coolest dreadlocks updo styles, you can always check out the videos below for some tips and ideas on how you will be able to pull off such styles. Remember that sky is the limit as far as dreadlocks updo styles are concerned.

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