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Short Dreadlocks Styles

February 6th, 2012


Are you trying to find a new hairstyle? Do you want to try something new? Then, having short dreadlocks styles can be one of your options. Anyone, even with different hair types, can have dreadlocks. Although, dreadlocks work best on the natural African-American hair.

Short Dreadlocks styles

If you ever decided to have your hair in dreadlocks, then, this article is a very good source of information on different photos and steps on how to do your short dreadlocks.

If you have shorter dreadlocks, these are quite challenging to style. Styling a shorter dreadlock is challenging since it is difficult to grab and grasp the hair. The advantage of having short dreadlocks, though, is its ability to dry fast. It would not take you too long to blow dry your hair. Another advantage is that the curls tend to last longer with short dreadlocks. With short locs you always have the option that “If they aren’t for me I could always comb these twist out” which is a benefit for wearing short dreadlocks styles to bring your hair out and provide healthier roots.

Although dreadlocks usually consist of long locks of hair coiled together, short dreadlocks could be just as striking as long ones that reach down the back and still allow you to create a variety of styles. Here are some of the short dreadlocks styles.

Bantu knots are good styles for short dreadlocks. This can be done by taking about four or five dreadlocks and twisting them together. Then, you fold the dreadlocks down like folding them into a downward loop. Then, you can coil the end of the dreaded loops and finally tuck the ends of the hair down into a knot.

You can also style your short dreadlocks away from the face. Short dreadlocks naturally frame the face. To do this style, you have to pull back the dreads that rest on the part of your hairline that borders your forehead. Then, you put a pin to secure your hair or you can wrap it with a cloth or wear a head band to keep your dreads away from your face.

You can also style your short dreadlocks in low twists. Low twists are suitable for short dreadlocks that are longer than chin length but shorter than shoulder length. This hairstyle is suitable for formal occasions or work environments.  To do this, you have to gather the dreadlocks on one side of your head, and then twist them inwards moving downwards to the outline of your hair. Use pins or clips to keep it safe. Repeat with the other side. You can clip them together once you have completed the twists if your hair is long enough.

Short dreadlocks styles are great for the longterm of shortterm of your loc journey so remember to grow healthy in the beginning because that is the most important part when starting short dreadlocks styles and always buy organic. Read the labels so you know what your putting in your hair.


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