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Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles

February 7th, 2012

Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles

Dreadlocks are not anymore a unique hairstyle. Basically, it is worn mostly in Caribbean for religious and fashion purposes. At present, it is now one of the common types of hairstyle in the fashion industry. There are several types of dreadlocks, sister-lock dreadlocks styles are more on feminine side of this hairstyle or version of Rastafari worn by male. Dr. Joanne Cornwell is the one who invented sister-lock dreadlock style or micro dreadlocks. Since its development, sister-lock dreadlocks styles have now become one of the common hairstyles used by celebrities and people.

Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles

Free flowing is the simplest of all sister- lock dreadlocks. Just apply it with water spritz or preferred tea tree or olive and then shake your head. You may need an added head band too. These sister-lock dreadlocks styles only require less maintenance as compare to other that will need a weekly wash or every month root twist.

Up-dos sister-lock dreadlocks styles are ideal for special events like wedding or dinner party. These sister-lock dreadlocks styles can be bit challenging in the event that you wanted to try it. Before you do it, be sure to prepare enough amounts of hair binders or bobby pins for your preferred style. In case your dreadlocks are long, you can arrange it to a traditional French roll with or without a side bang or front. If you want to look unique try to add small amount of cowry shell beads and pin-curls or decorative items like flowers. However, if you want exotic sister-lock dreadlocks styles, be sure to go to a hair salon and ask for help or tips on how you can do it yourself.

Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles

Twist Out is another sister-lock dreadlocks styles which is known to add a natural bounce and wave to the locks. In the event that you assemble two dreadlocks at the same time, twist them until your head is packed with twisted dreadlocks. To add more body, add more dreadlocks, so that you can create another impressive and attractive hairstyle.

Another sister-lock dreadlocks styles you should try is the buns and pin curls. These are great because they are very simple to maintain. Pin curls are best for younger people such as children as well as younger adults. Buns are already a classic hairstyle but in these sister-lock dreadlocks styles they can create a more enhanced look and can be added with flowers, beads and other fashionable item, which also enhance the entire look. Children will surely love these sister-lock dreadlocks styles, because it can provide them with the great look and attractiveness.

Finally, for you to obtain the best results of sister-lock dreadlocks styles, be sure to avoid using flat irons and curling as they can cause a permanent straightening to the natural hair. If you want to maintain it try to use plastic curling rods or foam to provide added curl or a silk or satin bonnet to protect your hair from breaking out while you are sleeping. Sister-lock dreadlocks styles are undeniably best to provide your curly hair a nice look.

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